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About Us




LE TAJ - the crown in English, the crown in French, invites you on a culinary journey through the Indian subcontinent and more particularly in the Bengal region to make you discover the thousand and one flavors of Bangladesh.

This taste, colorful and fragrant journey of fine spices from the Orient is a call to share with us, during a meal, our love and passion for Indian cuisine that is both traditional and modern.

Open your palates and let LE TAJ guide you to a festival of colors, smells and flavors.


We have chosen to offer you authentic Indian cuisine, without compromise, with respect for tradition. We want to be an establishment in the image of our country, so we made the choice not to serve alcohol in our restaurant, at the risk of displeasing some, we preferred the choice of authenticity. Some cuisines are made to go with wine, unlike real Indian cuisine which is enjoyed with local drinks, in harmony with the particular tastes and scents of our dishes. We offer a wide choice of drinks adapted to our cuisine to guarantee a total change of scenery.

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